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Ballet Class in Petaling Jaya


If you are looking for a ballet class in Petaling Jaya, you have come to the right place. Ballet is more than just tip-toeing; it is the cornerstone of all dance disciplines. Ballet training requires discipline, devotion, and years of training to develop techniques, musicality, expressiveness, poise, control, and elegance. We have developed unique educational approaches that are aimed at motivating and training children.

One of the Tutu Toe Dance Academy's main priorities is safe and correct training for your children, which is why the grades Syllabus has been carefully designed. Our ballet Petaling Jaya Syllabusnot only makes dancing enjoyable for students but also improves coordination, stamina, sense of rhythm, musicality, and self-expression, along with developing self-discipline and increasing confidence.



Students in our ballet Petaling Jaya class practise their ballet routines and steps in a fun, encouraging and challenging environment. Expression, musical understanding, and rhythmic skills are encouraged and acknowledged as significant outcomes. As a result, the ballet curriculum is one-of-a-kind and engaging. Students gain cohesion, poise, confidence, rhythmic sense, and musicality in an active and enjoyable curriculum.


Ballet Petaling Jaya lessons are an excellent opportunity for your kid to learn and enjoy dancing on a weekly basis. It is also a terrific chance to meet other parents with similar-aged children in your region. Furthermore, our well-researched curriculum strikes the ideal blend of structure and pleasure, fostering a lifelong love for dancing. This is a good opportunity for your children to let go of their pent up energy and embrace their creative side.


Dance is a terrific method for many adults students to express themselves creatively, gain new skills, meet new people, reduce stress, have fun and feel good about themselves. We understand that getting back to dance after ages can be daunting. Hence, we offer a ballet class in Petaling Jaya to fit you whether you are new to dance, returning after a break, or simply seeking extra classes. 



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