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Our ballet academy Malaysia develops well-rounded, dynamic dancers by allowing them to freely and creatively express themselves while honing their technique and musicality. The faculty is enthusiastic about sharing the beautiful experience of this art form with our dancers and creating a one-of-a-kind environment that transforms students into ballet artists. Tutu Toe Academy is grateful for the opportunity to train dancers from a variety of backgrounds. Students of all ages and levels come to our academy with their own set of goals and aspirations, but they all share a love of classical ballet.



Tutu Toe Dance Academy focuses solely on Classical Ballet and Modern Jazz, allowing us to concentrate on developing and perfecting our teaching methods and programmes. Each year, talented students from the academy's general school cohort are hand-picked to receive professional training in classical ballet and classical-based contemporary dance. As one of the leading ballet academy in Malaysia, we believe that every dancer deserves the best environment possible, one that is harmonious and loving in order to create the most memorable and enjoyable dancing experience possible. The programme also serves as a platform for members to gain confidence and valuable experience through their overseas stints. Members learn to be disciplined, focused, patient, determined, and humble as a result of the rigours of training.


Dance improves flexibility, tones, and strengthens the body. Our studio offers a relaxing environment that encourages self-expression and enjoyment in dance, and students are taught at a level that is appropriate to their individual potential and ability. We believe that performing is essential for young dancers' artistry development, so we prioritise performance opportunities in our training curriculum. Beginning in childhood and continuing into adulthood, dance education benefits the body, mind, and spirit. Dance allows people to express themselves in nonverbal ways. 

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