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Modern Jazz represents the eclectic style and includes the contemporary style mixed with the old jazz forms. The music is street style but powerful enough to make you rhythm well with the instruments. If you are interested in taking a jazz dance class in Malaysia, reach out to Tutu Toe Dance Academy.

We have a spacious dance academy built with 3,000 square feet where kids and adults can learn the dance forms well in a comfortable and safe environment. Furthermore, our experienced teachers teach Jazz and other dance styles with full energy and help students connect with the modern jazz form. We render an upbeat learning environment to our students that build their confidence and self-esteem.

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jazz dance


Whether you are a kid or an adult, the modern jazz dance form is for everyone. You can take between 45 minutes to 90 minutes to learn this modern dance form that helps you perform other dances with the same energy. Modern Jazz combines expression, rhythm, and dance techniques that include street music and matching body movements to match the jazz dancing style.

Jazz for adults and kids is a complete body training system that improves the flexibility and strength of the person. Moreover, the fun classes at Tutu Toe Dance Academy help build the expressive and technical abilities of the people learning jazz form. We offer the complete refresher course for those who have never practiced or learned Jazz in their life.

When we reach the intermediate stage, the student is already trained well and can learn more complicated dance techniques. We recommend students wear comfortable jazz shoes and dance attire to exhibit their expressions beautifully.

Our motive is to nurture the young talent to take this dance form seriously and make it their profession. We encourage students to take up the professional stage by helping them attend various events and programs to get exposed to different dance settings and professional platforms.

Let the Dance Feed Your Soul! Call us today for the best jazz dance class in Malaysia.



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