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Mum & Baby Ballet is based on basic ballet movements along with nursery rhythm, songs & dances. Each class is just under 30 minutes and is a relaxed atmosphere where mum or dad and baby can enjoy learning the skills together.


Age : 3 years old

Duration : 30 minutes

Tutu Tots program is designed to help children develop motor coordination, increase spatial and rhythmic awareness,

and to help provide a positive learning experience.


Age : 4 years old

Duration : 45 minutes

Ballet is a graceful and structured dance form which also provides the basic foundation for many other kind of dance.

It improves posture, develops poise and coordination and the refined quality and control of the body achieved through the discipline of ballet technique.


The Pre-Grades Syllabus Covers:



Age : 5 years old

Duration : 45 minutes


Pre-Ballet is the Foundation of Technique and prepares students for the work in the Grades.

Children also learn to mime, which develops into self-expression.

It is an introduction to the examination room in the form of a performance test and to build confidence in the child.



Age : 6 years old & above (without dance experience)

Duration : 45 minutes


Primary is the Development of Technique.

Here children learn to listen and to recognize different rhythms in music, which will develop into musically in their dancing.

It gives them the ability to feel the movement and to dance with freedom and enjoyment.

This syllabus caters for students from 6 years of age upwards.


Grade 1 to Grade 6

Age Group : 7 years to 13 years old

Duration : 60 minutes/90 minutes


Sub-Elementary to Advance

Age Group : 14 years old & above

Duration : 90 minutes

Modern Jazz combines rhythm, expression and technique with aspects of a variety of popular and street music,

using the body as an instrument to interpret the various styles. This complete training system in jazz dance combines strength,

flexibility and jazz technique with elements.


MJ. Pre Jazz

Age Group : 6 to 8 years old

Duration : 45 minutes


MJ. Junior Jazz

Age Group : 9 years old & above (without dance experience)

Duration: 45 minutes


MJ. Grade 1 – Grade 8

Age Group : 9 years old& above

Duration : 60 minutes/ 90 minutes​