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Ballet is one of the traditional dance forms that originated in Italy and spread to Russia and France later on. Most students practice French ballet form that gives them cultural exposure too. The ballet dance form increases the rhythmic awareness of the body and helps develop body coordination too.

At Tutu Toe Dance Academy in Malaysia, ballet is taught to the kids and adults for professional programs and events by experienced teachers. You can learn classical ballet, mum and baby ballet, and the Tutu Tots from experienced ballet teachers. We are committed to providing the best ballet dance class at our spacious dance studio and follow the syllabus of the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing and Royal Academy of Dance.

ballet dance lessons
ballet program


Whether you are a three-year-old kid or a grown-up teenager, a mother, or a professional, we have exclusive programs for each one of you. A few of the ballet dance lessons that kids and even adults can join includes:


  • The program Tutu Tots helps the 4-year-old kids to build motor coordination and increase their spatial awareness to develop rhythmic moves. The tots will receive a positive learning experience during this 45 minutes program.


  • Classical ballet form is for everyone, whether you are a kid or an adult. This structured dance will help build a foundation for other dances. It will help improve your body coordination and improve your posture too. We offer a Pre-Ballet syllabus for five-year-old kids, a Primary Ballet program for students of six years and above, and a Sub-Elementary to Advance Program for the 14-year-old and above people.


  • We organize many professional events and dance programs in collaboration with many dance groups to provide wide exposure to adults looking forward to becoming professional ballerinas.


  • We also have a special program for mothers and their kids. The Mummy & Me program is for the mums and the babies, where the ballet includes the nursery rhythm, dances, and songs. This 30-minutes ballet develops the connection between the parent and their child by providing them a relaxed atmosphere.

Whether you are taking a ballet dance class with us or simply any of the ballet dance lessons, we make sure to make you satisfied with the classes. You can book a trial class with us to know more about our ballet programs.



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