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Tutu Toe Academy


In 2015, Tutu Toe Dance Academy was founded by Ms. Jess Foo and Ms. Queennie Chng, two passionate ballerinas who were inspired to contribute back to the ballet community by inspiring more students and nurturing them into excellent dancers.
Tutu Toe Dance Academy specializes in Classical Ballet and Modern Jazz only which allowed us to be able to focus on developing and perfecting our ways of teaching and programs. With facilities including CCTV and electrical-powered doors, we aim to provide a safe and secure environment for the children to grow socially as well as introducing them to the joy and benefits of Classical Ballet and Modern Jazz. In addition, all of our dance instructors are professionally trained and qualified to ensure that the students will be receiving the best education. Hence, parents are able to put their trust upon us in terms of both their children’s safety and quality of the classes. 

On the other hand, we also aim to provide our students a solid training ground to pursue a career in professional dance as professional dancers. Hence, as to validate our students for their hard work and dedication during classes, a selection of students will also be given opportunities to participate in dance competitions in the form of soloist and group. With the great amount of exposure to professional stages, it will aid them in discovering their potential interest in pursuing a career in the performing arts industry in the future as they mature. 

It is truly an honor to be able to pass down knowledge from one generation to the next. Hence, we are truly grateful and honored to be part of the journey in nurturing our students to achieve their potential in dancing.



As one of the leading dance academy in Malaysia, we believe that every dancer deserves the best environment which is harmonious and loving to create the most memorable and enjoyable dancing experience. 


Everyone has their own dreams and it is our mission to encourage and motivate our students to chase after their dreams. We hope that Tutu Toe is a place where students get inspired and embrace their talent and passion for dancing. Apart from that, our students are also able to acquire the skills to maximize their potential, cultivate good values and positive character with confidence and grace. In order to achieve that, we provide every essential facility for our teachers and students to learn and grow together. To ensure the safety of our students, our studio is also monitored by 24-hour CCTV and alarm system. Moreover, all of our teachers are professionally trained to teach and every staff member treat each other as family which helps us to grow and create a better future for the company. Hence, parents are able to believe that their children are in the hands of good care from our teachers and staff. 

We not only provide professional ballet and jazz courses, but we also believe in the importance of students being exposed to different settings and platforms to increase their performing experience. Therefore, we also allow our students to participate in curriculum activities such as competitions, charity events and more. 
Tutu Toe Dance is Malaysia’s Premium Dance Academy. We are located at Kota Damansara (Petaling Jaya, Selangor), Desa ParkCity (Kuala Lumpur) and 1 Utama Shopping Mall (Available in April 2020). Both. Our Studios are over 3,000 square feet which includes comfortable learning spaces, parents waiting area and costume exhibition area. Our students are provided with the best learning environment and teachers that are able to ensure to nurture their talent and passion for dancing. 

Our passion and love for education has motivated us to constantly improve ourselves in many aspect such as teamwork, video filming, customer service, marketing, event organizing and more. Hence, we are very passionate about creating an environment where our students are able to flourish and improve in many aspect. 

At Tutu Toe Dance Academy, we create our courses according to two syllabus which are Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) and Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (C.S.T.D.). Furthermore, we also provide Vaganova Ballet Syllabus which are only exclusive for students whom have passed our interview. Again, our learning courses are taught by our teachers which are experienced and professionally trained to meet the needs of our students. Our academy focuses on Classical Ballet and Modern Jazz as we aim to perfect our courses day by day and maintain our leading position in this industry. 

Because of our passion to teach ballet as a form of art, TUTU Toe Dance Academy was established. Moreover, we believe that ballet should be taught in a steady pace which resulted in having different course levels to cater to every students in different levels according to their age.

We not only teach ballet steps in its purest form, but we also value students’ learning attitude and cultivation on the art of ballet. As students are often taught in a group, our students will benefit from learning many life skills such as team-work, communication, positive thinking and more. 


“We teach ballet as an art”

Cultivation on the art of ballet is a process which requires the accumulation of time. Children who grew up learning ballet are very prestigious because their lives are blessed by the beauty of art. They not only are able to acquire graceful postures, but also learn to appreciate art in a different perspective.


Happy,  Appreciation,  Love,  Memory,  Quality


At Tutu Toe Dance Academy Malaysia, we teach traditional ballet and modern jazz dance forms to help our young achievers mark professional platforms. Our ballet dance academy spread the love among kids for dance through the right involvement and professional instructions. Our experienced teachers help build the confidence and agility of the students right from a very young age.

We aim to enrich the lives of our students by teaching them ballet art in a warm and spacious space. At our ballet dance academy, we help our children realize their dream of becoming professional ballet and jazz dancers. Our team at Tutu Toe Dance Academy is committed to building self-confidence and creativity among future ballet dancers. We help develop the exposure among the kids and the adults likewise to help them grab better futuristic dance opportunities. To discover your full potential, book a trial with us or contact us.

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